Top 6 Things You Don’t Know About Solar Energy

The sun is leading our day to day routine. Influencing our time. Responsible for our seasons and for our global climate. Sun is energy. It gives us the power that we need to be alive. Yes, the sun is life. Solar energy is the most powerful resource that we have available around us. Today the solar industry is standing as a real alternative to power the future of the human generations. 

That’s why we really want to share some things that you might not know about solar energy. 

1-Solar offers various tax incentives

Solar companies are now well established in the industrial landscape of the USA. As a result depending on which state you are living in, you will most certainly find opportunities to get some kind of help to pay your initial investment. Tax incentives are available and being developed more and more as a means to get better solar power exposure to the average citizen. Just grab it!

2-Solar energy cost

The average price of solar panels has dropped 99% since the seventies. This is due to the increasing efficiency of the solar cells, the manufacturing technology improvements, and the intense competition between important actors in the industry. The price per kWh has also diminished drastically. In 2019 the average for residential was 13 cents.

3-Solar energy sources can be deployed very fast

In these uncertain times where global warming is making us closer to the next environmental disaster, the capacity for resilience of our human systems has never been so valuable. Solar energy has proven at multiple times that it can be deployed in a few weeks in areas impacted by a catastrophic event. 

4-Abundance from the sky

Solar energy is striking the planet earth continuously. This is by far the most abundant energy resource available to human civilizations. Totally that represents an equivalent of 10 thousand times the world energy use.

5-An exponential growth

Americans seem to find this energy source appealing. The US citizens are benefiting from the third-largest solar market in the world. In eight years, the number of solar power installations has been multiplied by 23. 

6-California is definitely the Sunshine State

The capacity of production of the California state has been steadily growing over time. In 2019, with 27 MW of solar capacity, it represents now 20% of the energy produced in that state. Enough to power nearly 8 million houses!

As you can see this is a fast-growing industry with serious players pushing the use of solar energy in all the direction. If you are still curious about solar energy, you can leave a comment or directly contact us. You can also fill out the form in minutes!