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Besides the federal tax credit, solar panels increase your home's value while you save on your electricity bills. Compared to other energy source, solar panels save you much more in the long-term. Your solar panel system can pay for itself after a short time.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • 1. How do solar panel systems work?

    Sunlights turns on the panel.The Sun Cells, which can be additionally called photovoltaic cells, take in daylight at some point of sunlights hours hours.

    These cells begin to produce electrical current.

    The electric power is transformed. You now have sun panels running succesfully to convert daylight into power, however, the power generated is known as direct curren (DC) power, which isn’t always the form of power that powers maximum homes, that’s alternating current( or AC) power.

    The transformed power powers your home. Once the sun power has been trasnformed from DC to AC power, it runs via your electric panel and is shipped inside the domestic to strength your appliances.

  • 2. Is Solar Affordable? How much does it cost to go to solar?

    Solar panel prices vary considerably depending on the solar energy company and installation equipment you choose. While cheap solar energy looks good at first, it is more profitable to invest in quality equipment to keep your overall savings high over the long term. You can also review the current solar energy incentives and discounts in your area, thereby, reducing your net cost by around %50.

  • 3. How many solar panels do I need?

    The size of solar system you install depends on your roof top size or overall property size, your electricity needs and consumption and your budget. Interestingly, your home size does not actually determine the amount of solar panels you need ; a bigger home does not equal more energy consumption.

  • 4. Does solar panels work in winter?

    Yes! They can. Solar panels generate electricity from the sun’s light not the sun’s heat. On the other hand, the performence in winter is lower because panels will receive less light due to shorter winter days but this does not prevent your savings.