Solar energy like other renewable energies has been increasingly criticized since it has become a trending topic all around the world. That’s always the case with new technologies especially the ones filling up spaces on our visual landscapes. 

We believe that reducing our carbon footprint is a priority in an ever-changing environment and that spreading knowledge is a step toward this goal. Today we are going to take you inside the common myths about solar power, especially residential solar. Let’s dive into it!

What Are Those Myths?

1-Solar power when not used is lost forever 

When it comes to residential solar in 2020, we have hardly seen another year more fruitful. Even Tesla, the leading company of electric batteries in the US is now involved in commercial and residential solar. Meaning that you can store safely your overproduction at will and even resale it to your utility. Crazy times!

2-Solar power is kicking you out of the grid

In residential areas, solar power is working as a hybrid system that keeps you connected to the grid at any time. When your solar panels are not producing enough in wintertime or at night, even with a battery your electric system needs to switch to grid-based electricity. 

3-Solar panels don’t work in cloudy weather

It is a common misconception that solar panels don’t work when the sky is grey. Solar panels indeed work at their best with constant sunshine but what people mostly ignore is that they are working with visible light. The clouds are still reflecting this light and your house will still be powered. 

4-The solar panel needs constant maintenance

The main aspect of solar power is the sustainability of this resource over the years. Solar panels made for residential areas are made to last whether you are living in Alaska or going through 3 tornadoes a year. Jokes aside, solar panels properly installed will only need minimal maintenance like dust removing and cleaning. Otherwise, no big maintenance is needed. 

5-The solar panel will lower the value of your home

It’s pretty much the opposite when it comes to the extra property value that solar panels are offering you. Indeed, it is known that residential solar is now seen as an upgrade for your house. Like any kitchen upgrade or renovations, the value of your house will likely benefit from such a system. 

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