In this time of continuous technological innovation, we are witnessing an energetic transition. Meaning that we are slowly changing the way we are creating energy and the way we are using it. By doing so, we are surely finding new ways to generate and to consume electricity in a sustainable manner. More and more people are interested in renewable energy like geothermal, wind,and solar nowadays. And many solutions exist to make a difference and lower your energy footprint. 

We believe that you can achieve this goal by acting in your house to reduce your electricity bill. Both the environment and your lifestyle can benefit from little changes to make your house energy-efficient and less costly. 

8 Simple Tips To Make Your House Energy Efficient

As you know most of your energy consumption is coming from your highly energivore domestic machines. Here you will find out how you can use some techniques to your advantage to make your electricity bill smaller. Also, the direct environment of your house can be a practical ally in making your house energetically smarter.

Wash laundry in cold water: nearly all the energy used by your washing machine is to heat the water. Wash it cold and spare yourself that costly electric bill.

Lower the temperature on your hot water boiler: studies have shown that 13% of the electricity goes to heat the water of your sweet home. Lower this percentage by lowering the temperature on your water boiler. You can also use an insulation jacket for your hot water boiler.

Tankless hot water heater: if you are thinking about changing your hot water system, you can go for an on-demand hot water heater. This tankless device can be very efficient in reducing your hot water energy bill by two!

Low-flow showerhead: by using a low-flow showerhead in your bathroom you will reduce the water flow for each of your showers. Less water means less water to heat and that means less electricity consumption. 

Change to LED: by opting for low consumption light bulbs you will decrease the amount of electricity required to light your lovely house.

Adopt solar: installing solar panels on your rooftop can make you generate your own electricity. By using this empty space you will be a solar producer and could sell your own electricity to others. 

The landscape for shade: during the summer, a house surrounded by shades will keep your air conditioning at rest and your electricity consumption. Planting trees around your house can help you with this!

Bonus tips for winter: don’t hesitate to get more blankets for wintertime. By doing so you will be able to reduce the thermostat degrees and cut your heating cost again.

Adopting solar panels to create your own electricity is by far the most cost-efficient option that can have benefits on your energy cost in the long run.


When consciously reducing the consumption of your house you will feel the benefits in your wallet of course but also you will understand better how is working your electricity bill. This is the kind of awareness that we want to spread around to make your house a happy place and the world a better place.

If you are curious about solar electricity, and you want more detailed information about renewables energies, simply fill out our form or contact us.