10 Questions To Ask Before Purchasing A Solar Energy System

It is undoubtedly very advantageous to install a solar energy system in your home, office, or land. With this system, you can save money in the long run while protecting the environment and nature at the same time. The trend of recent years in the world also supports this energy of the new generation. However, before purchasing a panel, you should ask the main questions and make your choice accordingly.

Don’t Purchase A Solar Energy System Without Asking These 10 Questions

What is solar energy? Solar energy is released as a result of fusions is reflected in the world after electromagnetic radiation. It is an endless source of energy.

What is solar energy used for? Solar energy can be used in many areas such as electricity, heating, and transportation.

How soon will solar energy systems pay for themselves? This varies depending on the type of system. Systems used for water heating pay for themselves in a shorter time. On the other hand, the time varies depending on the cell type of photovoltaic panels.

Do you need the sun for electricity and hot water? As long as there is radiation, energy is always produced. The efficiency of the panels may decrease only because the sunshine duration decreases in overcast weather.

Can you benefit from solar energy everywhere? No matter which region you live in, you can generate energy by installing a solar energy system. The panel properties that should be used will vary depending on the size and characteristics of the roof or terrain. 

Can you meet all the electricity needs of the household from solar energy? Apart from limiting factors such as roof, land, terrace area, or budget, you can generate as much electricity as you want from the sun.

Do solar panels work when it snows? Solar radiation is required for panels to work and generate energy. Covering the panel surfaces with snow negatively affects production. However, when the appropriate angle positioning and cleaning criteria are observed, energy production continues.

What devices does solar power help operate? It is possible to use all electrical devices with this energy. However, the panels generate direct current. Most electrical appliances work with alternating current. So it will be necessary to use an inverter.

Can you make a profit by selling surplus electricity? This depends entirely on the relevant decisions in your country. Today, many governments allow the sale of excess energy to support clean energy sources.

How are the panels positioned? Most people think that the solar energy system should be set up facing south. However, to generate energy at maximum capacity, it is necessary to determine the correct inclination and direction angle. It is appropriate for panels above the equator to face south and those below it to the north.