If you are thinking about using solar technology to power your house, you may have asked yourself this question. Solar panels are a great way to benefit from the sun energy by using available spaces on your property while creating your own electricity. By doing so, a solar panel system can become a smart feature of your lovely house. But what happens when the cloudy wintertime is there and what happens at night? 

Solar Cells And Night-Time

Unfortunately, the solar cells which composed your solar panels are not producing energy at night. They are designed to convert solar power into electricity. And you might wonder how your electrical system is still alive when night comes? Fortunately for solar adopters, this has no impact on your electric system. Your fridge and your electrical appliances will still be working perfectly at night time because you can store your electricity. 

Smart Storage System

Fortunately for you, this is a time of great innovation, and the technology behind solar energy keeps improving. Many solutions are put in place to store and manage the surplus of energy that is available during the day time. The amount that you are not using in your daily consumption can be safely stored in batteries. They are the ones who will keep your whole electric system resilient during the night time. Many types of batteries are available on the market. 

The Net Metering And Anti-Solar Panels

Usually, when your house is becoming self-sufficient, the amount of energy stored can be bigger than what you need. Especially the energy stored while nobody is at home when you are at work, or while you are going for the winter holidays. The net metering is a billing agreement between the homeowner and his utility making you an energy producer. You will receive credits on your bill for your excess production of electricity.

Also, if you want to go further on the topic, anti-solar panels are being developed right now. Those new solar panels are using thermoradiative cells that are producing electricity at night using infrared light. 

All those innovative techniques are there for you to make the better of your solar potential depending on where you live. This represents an important opportunity for your house to be ready to evolve in a smart grid environment where all the houses are connected together. If you are interested to know more about renewable energies and new technologies, stay in touch with our new articles, or simply fill out the form.