What Size Solar Energy System Do You Need?

In our age, it is very popular to turn to renewable energy sources instead of fossil fuels. Of course, the most efficient of these resources is the sun. Before installing a solar energy system for your home or business, it is important to know how many panels you need. So you can minimize your carbon footprint. You can maximize the return on your investment. You can also save your money while protecting the environment.

Determining the Correct Solar Energy System Size

To decide how many panels you need in your areas of use, you first need to clarify some issues:

  • What is the usable surface area of ​​your roof?
  • How much energy do you currently spend in your household?
  • How efficient is solar radiation in your area?

You can start by determining how much solar energy you will need first. It makes sense to look at past invoices for this. To calculate how many solar panels you need, you should multiply the peak irradiance value in your area by the sunshine duration by your hourly energy need. When you divide the output value by the wattage of the panel, the number of panels you need will appear.

How many hours of sunlight your area is exposed to determines what size solar energy system you will install. The most efficient hours will directly affect the energy produced by the panels. If the sun exposure is low, you’ll need to install more panels to generate the energy you need.

The size of the solar panel also affects the number, although not much is taken into account. If your roof surface area is large, you may prefer less number of but larger panels. If you have a curved or small roof, the panels you will use should be small but highly efficient. This solution helps you generate more energy and save money in the long run.