Florida, which has the longest coastline and the third most populous state in the United States, is one of the most beautiful states. Florida, which has flat geography, has a lot of sunny days throughout the year. Panels that turn the sun into an energy source are also very common in the state where there are many sunny days.

   Solar energy, which is an inexhaustible type of energy thanks to the use of the unlimited energy source, does not release harmful substances such as smoke, gas, carbon monoxide, sulfur, and radiation into the environment, since it is renewable and clean energy. 

   Solar energy is also an environmentally friendly and low-cost system. It is preferred because of its low investment cost and its high efficiency. 

  The solar power system has so many benefits that it eventually caught the attention of American engineers and a huge project emerged. 

  Engineers have even begun to build a self-sufficient city in Florida with all solar power.

   Babcock Ranch, a town where everything is powered entirely by solar energy, is being built on a 72,000-acre land in Florida, USA. The population of the sustainable city, where approximately 200 people have settled so far, is aimed to be 50 thousand people in the next decade. When the green city is completed, there will be approximately 20 thousand houses, all powered by the sun, with green building certificates. 

   For now, the city gets most of its electricity from the solar power plant. The community has 10 small battery stations, but large-scale battery storage is still too expensive. That’s why the green city gets its electricity from the grid at night and on cloudy days.

   One of the first driverless service systems powered by electricity generated from solar panels is also being tested in the town, which is designed to be walkable.

    So, what are the prices of solar energy that everybody sees as the future, in Florida? The average cost of a solar panel installation in Florida is between $ 11,262 and $ 15,238. In cost per watt ($ / W), the price of a solar panel installation in Florida ranges from $ 2.25 to $ 3.05.

   Another point that potential solar buyers should consider is the solar payback period. This term tells you when you will get the return on your initial investment by saving electricity from your solar system. The average solar payback period for Florida is 9.57 years. This period is not too long for energy, which is seen as the energy of the future.