How Many Solar Panels Are Required For A Business?

Renewable energies are now used by businesses as a way to bring more awareness to their brand values. A rooftop covered with solar panels is a great symbol. It means that you care about the environment and that your store is powered with green energy. In a world where the environmental crisis is now at the center of our social media debates, you have to know where you are standing. 

For us, solar power means a lot of things but we are not here to talk about it, today we want to address the following question that you may have asked yourself when deciding to go solar. How many solar panels do I need? It is not a simple answer but we hope it will help you to see what your needs actually are.

Know Your Kilowatts Needs

Right now, many businesses are using solar as a way to reduce the cost of their whole electricity consumption. Some of the most famous brands in the US are competing to be the best solar producer (Walmart, Facebook, Apple). It is estimated that on average a medium-size business is using 70 kilowatts per day. This amount of electricity represents a total of 25,000-kilowatt-hours used each year. 

Knowing that your solar installation is benefiting from around 4 to 7 hours of sunlight per day, your solar panels need to produce on average 14 kW to cover your total daily consumption. 

How Much Power Generates Solar Panels?

As we saw in previous articles, several factors are influencing the production and the efficiency of your solar installation. Whether you are using polycrystalline or Monocrystalline panels your production will be faster or more powerful. Your location and the angle of your roof can also play a big role in the generation process. 

Knowing that one solar panel of average quality is producing approximately 250 watts of peak power (perfect conditions), it gives us a result of 56 solar panels needed to cover your electricity needs. 

This results in a gross average and doesn’t take into account the loss of power that you get during the process. Depending on the wired system your installation is using you will need between 60 to 70 solar panels to cover 100% of your consumption. It really depends on your unique setup and equipment. 

We hope that this article helped you estimate better how many solar panels are required for your business. Don’t hesitate to fill out our form to get more information about solar panels for businesses.

Wishing you a safe solar endeavor!