You have switched to solar energy and now you also generate your electricity through solar panels or you want to have solar panels and wonder how the billing system works. Do not worry. If you have solar panels, we will try to explain to you by which criteria your electricity bill is calculated and how this system works.

Now You Are Gonna Get Synergy Bill

The biggest contribution of solar panels to us is electricity saving. Apart from that, we benefit from a renewable energy source and we provide surplus value to nature. Of course, it is our most natural right to understand how solar billing works. We will quickly provide you with a few tips that you should pay attention to. Also earlier on our blog we already answered the question for “How much will my electric bill be with solar panels?” If you wish, you can take a look at that article here.

How Much Energy Have You Used?

Electricity bills are calculated based on how much energy we spend each month. It will be inevitable that you will spend less energy if you have solar panels, but it is also important to keep track of how much energy you spend. In some cases, solar panels can generate more energy than you need, but you only pay by considering the amount of energy you use.

When you switch to solar energy, the billing process is annual, but you can check your bills every month or every 3 months. If you want to keep track of the savings you have achieved through solar energy; You can compare the invoice for the previous period with the first invoice that comes after the solar panels are installed. You can even see the daily average usage rates in these bills.

Where You Can Find Your Meter Reading?

Another thing you can look at to understand the invoicing process of your solar panels; meter reading is your details. The supply address on the back of your invoice gives you the energy supply details, along with the next scheduled billing period, your meter number, and all the details you need to know.

You need to have your meter serviced in your home and make sure you have a meter that works correctly. If there is any doubt between two-meter reading periods, you can request support and request information about how healthy your meters are. However, in this period when almost everything can be tracked online, you will easily realize that if you have solar panels, the whole electricity billing process will proceed transparently and there are great savings in your electricity bills.

If you want to get detailed information about solar energy or to apply online for solar panels, you can contact us by filling out our form and you can open the doors of both a healthy future and an economic life.