Let’s say you want to invest in solar power to make your house greener and self-sufficient. To attain this goal you might want to think twice about the timing of your installation. Many people are waiting for the sunny summer days to get in touch with a solar contractor but as we have seen in a previous article, other seasons are far better to get your solar project done. 

For many reasons, we believe that summer is the worst time to get into solar. Today we want to discuss why it is better to go solar before the most crowded period of the year and what benefits you may get by going solar sooner. Let’s jump right into it!

Financially Healthy Investment 

When getting a solar installation for your sweet home, you are thinking about the resilience of your project in the long run. And that is exactly why so many people are going solar today. They see how their return on investment can come fast if they follow the right steps. 

The path to a financially healthy solar system is guaranteed when adopting such technology. So what if we tell you that you could actually get a payback on your investment way quicker by going solar before summer? 

First, there are some reasons for that: 


  • Crowded summer: Summer is the crowded period for solar contractors. They are less available and have more projects to take care of. This means that you will probably have to spend twice as much time as you would do in spring and even more for winter. 


  • Electricity costs: During hot summer weather, power lines stretch and break. High demands and hot temperatures are putting pressure on the electricity grid. This is resulting in rising prices during the summer. 


  • Blackout: Protect yourself and your family from power interruptions by getting efficient solar batteries. By going solar you are participating, with other solar members of your community, to protect the grid and the environment. 


  • Energy Bill: Having a solar panel installation on your rooftop is reducing the impact of the heat on your house. This means that you will need less air conditioning to refresh your house. This is all you need for a positive and healthy energy bill!


For sure, by going solar in spring or during winter you will have more financial benefits because your system will already be fully operational and fully financed. Solar contractors are usually doing better deals using slow seasons. Also depending on the state, you live in, federal incentives may be better during those seasons than in summer. 

We hope that you will get the best of your solar investment. Don’t hesitate to fill out our form to get more information about solar power. 

Wishing you warm and sunny wintertime!