Uncertain times ahead, what about more certain electricity bills? Winter is here and many people are looking to reduce their electricity consumption while keeping their house warm and energy efficient. Maybe you are one of them.Maybe you are wondering if you can benefit from winter to make a change in your life. 

And you would be right, this season is really a great opportunity to make changes in your life! Today, we are comparing the costs of electricity in the US with the cost of solar power.

Regular Electricity Costs

For years, electricity costs kept rising all around the US. We already covered this topic in another article but the idea is that the pressure keeps rising on the current electrical grid. Many factors are influencing the price you pay like: 

  • Weather conditions
  • Conditions of the distributions systems 
  • Regulations
  • Gas and fuel prices

Now that alternative energies are more accepted and becoming more and more popular, many people are wondering if they might benefit from it. The answer is yes. Actually the answer can be found in the cost of solar power. 

Solar Power Costs

The main difference with what we said about regular electricity cost is that your solar power bill is remaining the same. This is an incredible advantage, which plays well in the long run in an investor’s mind. You are in control of the bill, and you are on your way to be a self sufficient human being ready to travel those uncertain times with confidence and with more money and energy than ever. 

Today, the cost efficiency is mainly driven by the next factors:

  • Reduction of solar panels cost by more than 75% in 10 years
  • Ever increasing competition in the solar industry
  • New innovations and high technologies improvements 
  • Solar cells more efficient every year

More than these factors is the fact that you can own your solar energy system. Doing so, you become more aware of what your real energy consumption is. You can connect your appliances together and create many new solutions to save energy. 

We believe that the cost efficiency of solar energy resides also in the upfront cost you are dealing with when going into the solar installation process. To know more about this topic don’t hesitate to check out fresh articles. 

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