Solar companies near me searches show the solar panel companies that are always closest to you. All of the companies in the solar providers near me list are the most important companies in the world in this field. We wanted to share with you the details of these companies producing solar panels.

You can reach the list of companies that have undertaken the leading role in the production of solar panels in America from this article. You can also find the closest ones from these companies by searching solar panel companies near me. Here is a list of companies located in the Americas that have great benefits in solar power generation.

What Are The Solar Companies Near Me?

By searching solar companies near me, you can see the solar panel manufacturers closest to your location. Most of these companies, which play an important role in solar energy production, are located in the North American continent. The most important of these companies meet most of the solar energy needs.

The companies included in the solar energy companies near me list are also the most important solar panel companies in the world. Some of the solar panel companies in the world are located in the USA. These companies enable the active generation of solar energy today.

Solar panel companies in America work in partnership with many technical teams. Some of these companies do not only produce solar energy but can also produce in other areas. In this article, we wanted to compile the companies that are the most important solar panel producers in America. Most of the companies on our list also claim to be world giants.

The Main Features of Solar Companies Near Me

The companies in the best solar companies near me list also have some common features. Accordingly, we wanted to take a closer look at the way the companies on the list operate and the methods they apply. The technical team staff of these companies, which play a leading role in solar panel production, is quite wide.

Thanks to the engineers and technical teams in the company, solar panels suitable for long-term use are produced. A good solar panel company should also recommend using quality materials at all times in this area. The materials used in the production of solar panels contribute to the longevity of solar panels.

An average solar panel stand can be used for almost 35 years without any problems. This is a situation that eases the burden of people who want to benefit from solar energy. Thanks to the service received from companies that produce quality solar panels, it is possible for consumers to get their money’s worth in a shorter time.

All of the companies in the solar companies near me list are well-established companies with the ability to produce quality. These companies will continue to provide solar energy in America and the world for many more years.

The Solar Companies Near Me List:

1-Tesla / Panasonic

In the solar companies near me list, we see the partnership of Tesla and Panasonic companies. These two world giant companies have decided to act jointly in solar panel production. This strong partnership, which started in 2016, continues at full speed today.

SolarCity and PoweWall projects, owned by Tesla, are progressed in line with the decisions taken jointly with Panasonic. Panasonic and Tesla produce cheap and high-quality solar panels at the facility located in Buffalo, NY.

Thanks to this production, solar energy is used more actively. These two world-famous companies are also doing various studies to make solar energy more common. These two strong partnerships create the impression that they will do even more important things in the near future.

2- Solaria

Solaria, one of the most important companies in United States, is on the solar companies near me list. Solaria is a strong company and produces solar panels with modern designs. Founded in the early 2000s, the company has developed over time and has managed to become one of the most important formations of this sector.

Solaria manufactures solar panels in modern and different designs, all in black design. The company actively produces solar panels both in the American continent and in South Korea. The solar panels produced by the company are sold at more affordable prices than competitors. This makes Solaria preferable in many ways.

3-First Solar

First Solar, one of the oldest companies in renewable energy, is also on the solar companies near me list. First Solar is one of the most important solar panel producer companies in United States. The company has a style that stands out with its wide variety of productions. First Solar continues to produce new types of solar panels by trying different methods today.

4-Auxin Solar

The achievements of the company named Auxin Solar also stand out in the solar companies near me list. Auxin Solar has been a company that has managed to reach today with its first initiative that started in 2008. The location of the company is Silicon Valley. Using solar panel technology in a very different way, the company is preferred in many areas in this sense. Solar panels produced by the company are also versatile and can be used in many points.

5-Solar Electric America

We continue the solar companies near me list with Solar Electric America. Located in Richmond Virginia, this company stands out with two basic products. Solar Electric America is known for its 12V Solar Panels for Water Pumping and 12V Solar Panels for Battery Charging products. The company has different products besides these two designs.


Another important company included in the solar companies near me list is SunSpark. SunSpark is a rapidly advancing company in solar energy production with the motto of a greener and cleaner future. The solar panels produced by the company are also very innovative products with a different design. Although SunSpark is a new company in solar panel production, it has come to the fore with different works that it has done before in many fields.

7-Lumos Solar

When it comes to solar panel manufacturers, we should definitely add Lumos Solar to our list. Lumos Solar is at least as assertive as its competitors in solar panel production. The company, which carries out various studies in the field of renewable energy, continues to add a new success every year. Lumos Solar continues to produce innovative and cutting-edge technology panels that enable the active generation of solar energy.

8-Global Solar

Global Solar, one of the most important solar panel manufacturers, is another company on our list. Global Solar enables solar energy to be utilized by producing flexible solar panels. Located in Tuscon Arizona, this company has been actively providing services since 1996.

9-Certainteed Solar

Certainteed Solar Company is a company that deserves to be at the forefront with its innovative and modern production of solar panels. This company, which has been serving in the field of roof systems for many years, is also trying innovative methods to produce solar energy in the best possible way.

Certainteed Solar Company is progressing in line with a company that is a candidate to be a leader in solar panel production both in the United States and in the world. Certainteed Solar deserves to be included in the solar companies near me list with all these achievements.


Sunrun is a well-established company that continues its production life in San Francisco California. The company, which produces solar energy for residences, shows that it is also an expert in roof systems. Sunrun, which started its first service life in 2007, continues to contribute to electricity generation from solar energy today.