New York is very important in terms of geographical and climatic features. According to the Köppen climate classification, a humid subtropical climate is seen in New York. The state sees sunlight an average of 234 days a year. This situation makes New York very important for the solar energy system. The fact that New York City, one of the most crowded metropolises in the world, is here also develops New York in solar energy as in many different areas.

As a result of recent studies, as of September 2020, the average cost of solar panels in New York is $ 2.86 per watt, which makes a typical 6000 watt (6 kW) solar system $ 12,716 after claiming a 26% federal solar tax credit. This means higher than the average price of residential solar power systems in the United States, at $ 2.60 per watt.

The cost of an average solar installation in New York is between $ 12,368 and $ 16,732, while the average gross price of solar power in New York is $ 14,550. After considering the Federal Investment Tax Credit (ITC) of up to 26% and other state and local solar incentives, the net price you pay for solar energy costs could drop by thousands of dollars.

One of the main reasons for low solar energy costs in New York is the provision of multiple discount programs and incentives for individual and corporate solar energy use.

Another factor affecting the cost of solar energy is the location of your home or the place where you will implement your solar energy project. This is the amount of sunlight available to the location that determines how many solar modules you will need. The high amount of modules will cause high costs. Besides, factors such as average system sizes at that location, competition among installers, local business volumes, and the cost of operating overhead are among the parameters that affect the installation cost.