What is green energy? We are sure that you already have the basic information, although not very detailed. However, we wanted to give you some specific information on this subject, considering the importance of renewable energy in today’s and changing world order …

We will be telling you one by one not only what green energy is, but also what options it offers us and what benefits it has for the world. We hope that after reading this article, the importance of green energy will increase for you and you will continue to take firm steps towards a green future!

What Is Green Energy?

First of all, let’s start by making the basic definition of green energy, namely renewable energy + sustainable energy… The term green energy briefly expresses the types of energy produced in a more environmentally and friendly way. It is possible to use green energy at different costs depending on the way energy is produced. Although many different materials offer us a green energy option, there are 5 types of green energy sources that are officially determined and approved under the laws of the European Union;

Wind Energy: 

In fact, for many years, each of us has been benefiting from the power of this natural energy to a large extent and enjoying safe and economical energy.

Hydroelectric Energy: 

Hydroelectric energy is a type of energy obtained by the propulsion power of water, which is also a very valuable resource. This energy, which offers us natural electric current and the opportunity to save all, is one of the green energy types that are used predominantly.

Solar Energy: 

Solar energy is actually the option that offers us unlimited and most economical green energy among all these. Although the use of solar energy, on which important researches has been made and alternative sources have been produced, especially in the last 10-20 years, offers us great privileges; Unfortunately, the cost of energy panels is not yet very economical. Of course, this only applies to setup! The size of the savings it offers us, in the long run, is much more than other energies.

Geothermal Energy: 

Geothermal energy is a type of energy that combines natural underground resources with elements such as electricity or water and converts them into heat. Geothermal energy offers us many privileges in obtaining heat in a natural and safe atmosphere. Another important feature is that it is not only economical but also abundant. Even if the usage areas of geothermal energy, which is heat-based like solar energy, are limited, it stands out as a growing and developing sector.

The Energy Produced From Biological Residues: 

In short, this type of energy, which is also defined as bioenergy, functions like karma, a ying-yang. The concept of biological energy takes from the rich like Robin Hood and gives it to the poor. The conversion of various biological wastes into kinetic energy is defined not only as renewable energy but also as recyclable energy. It has many positive benefits for both the world and the environment.

Advantages of Green Energy Sources

So far, we have already talked about things that you are quite familiar with. Now, finally, we will talk about the advantages of green energy, that is, 100% renewable energy, for us and the world… Thus, you will have the chance to understand more clearly how important all this is for the future.

1. Being Environmentally Friendly

Unfortunately, production and consumption activities are the leading factors affecting the ecological balance. Focusing only on production and growth in the economy causes negative effects on the environment and natural resources. It is of great importance to turn to environmentally friendly alternative energy sources to prevent damage, to leave an undamaged environment for future generations.

2. Global Warming and Prevention of Air Pollution

As a result of the burning of fossil fuels, harmful gases such as carbon dioxide (CO2), sulfur dioxide (SO2), methane gas (CH4) are released into the atmosphere and these gases cause greenhouse effects that cause climate changes. Climate peaks are held to limit the emission of greenhouse gases that cause global warming and air pollution. Green energy offers us unlimited options in this regard if applied correctly.

3. No Harm to Human Health

To minimize the damages caused by the use of fossil fuels to human health in the world, it is very important to work on alternative energy sources. When the negative effects such as air, water, and environmental pollution arising from energy production facilities using fossil fuels are taken into account, the cost of fossil fuels increases considerably. For example, in a study conducted in the USA, it has been proven that the damage caused by the use of fossil fuels to human health is approximately $400 per person per year.

4. Supporting Economic Growth

Energy plays an important role in realizing the economic development and growth of countries. As the national revenues of the countries increase, their energy consumption also increases. The insufficient level of energy production poses a risk for the future of the country against the increasing energy demands in parallel with economic growth. Support for sustainable energy production should be planned meticulously and in the long term to eliminate this risk, develop the country’s industries, and reach a certain market size.

Apart from what green energy is, we tried to inform you about its benefits and harms. We hope that we have succeeded in enlightening you about the importance of green energy with the information we have provided. 

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