How To Stay Away From Solar Scammers?

What to do when you arrive on a planet you don’t know? Sometimes the wild wild web can look like this unknown territory. Feeling unsafe and don’t really know how to find your way in this unfamiliar environment. Don’t worry! Renewable energies are getting more and more traction online. There will always be people taking advantage of other people’s weaknesses.

We are here to make you feel safe. Like a compass into the night! Today, we want to give you the tools that are making the difference in your online experience when looking for solar infos and contracts.

Get References 

Your hunt for the best solar contractors is starting. You already find a few companies that look interesting but don’t know how to compare them between each other. Check out their references with the about us section on their online page. This will help you to see what types of companies you are currently interested in. Maybe you want them to be the oldest companies available in your areas with the greatest expertise. 

Find Reviews

Always a good advice for you is to check if reviews from their customers are available. First, it will tell you if they are keeping their online presence up to date. Of course if you see recent and good reviews it is indicating that they are still in business since the COVID-19 pandemic and still doing an excellent service. Then, it is showing you how good their team is. 

You Need A Contract And Answers

Their team expertise matters when it comes to creating a contract with a company. In the solar industry there is more and more competition and things can get pushy sometimes. Don’t sign anything before talking to someone. Also, the free quotes from them can give you a nice estimate without having to get involved with anyone. Generally if a company is pushing you to buy something , it is a red sign!

Three Ways Of Financing 

In the solar world, when you find the solar installation you want to build, there are three ways to finance your project:

  • Loan
  • Lease
  • Purchase 

Don’t fall for a scammer who is trying to convince you that there is only one way to finance your solar panels. A lovely and warm company will offer you a wide range of financing plans based on your needs and conditions. A transparent solar company is what you are looking for. 

Also, it is important to avoid any “free solar panels” opportunity. They always come at a price. We hope that those small advice are clearing the dark landscape of this online world full of predators. 

Thank you for letting us know if you have other questions, don’t forget to fill out the form to stay connected to our future articles!