Solar energy is the most abundant and cheapest energy source in the world that does not harm the environment. The energy emitted from the sun can be used as electricity and heat energy, and clean energy as a renewable energy source is an important part of our future.

Although the Sun is 150 million kilometers away, radiative energy is vital for the survival of all living things. The generation of solar energy occurs through nuclear fusion and reaches the earth as electromagnetic radiation. 70% of the solar energy reaching the Earth is absorbed in the Earth’s atmosphere, the remaining 30% is reflected into space.

Advantages of Solar Energy

The sun will be our unlimited source of sunlight until the end of the world. Solar energy will always take its place in our lives as renewable and sustainable energy.

This clean energy is a great convenience for people living in rural areas to obtain electrical energy.

Once solar technology equipment is in place, solar energy does not require any fuel to operate. Besides, as a clean energy source, it does not emit greenhouse gases or Toxic substances The use of solar energy can greatly reduce our impact on the environment.

You can store the excess electricity produced and use it in the electricity network again to provide a discount on your monthly electricity bill. Solar energy is silent and does not create pollution. This is one of the biggest reasons why it is preferred by many people around the world.

Disadvantages of Solar Energy

Solar energy can only be used in the daytime, even if sunny days or not. This simply means that you can only use this energy source for half a day.

To install or install solar panels on the roof of a building, the roof must be strong, wide, and the panels to be used oriented towards the solar path.

On cloudy and rainy days, the efficiency of solar panels decreases. The use of solar energy in regions where it is cloudy most of the year may not be successful.

Since the life of the storage products used in solar energy systems is short or not durable, it deteriorates and affects the user negatively due to the energy quality.

The more electricity you want to generate, the more space you need for solar panels, some roofs may not be big enough to fit the number of solar panels you want to have.