How To Maintain Your Solar Panels: 3 Easy Steps

Let’s say you switched to green energy and you planted a seed for the future… So does the job end here? No! Solar panels, which bring peace and pleasure to our home and offer us great savings, also need maintenance from time to time. It is important not to neglect their maintenance to have longer lasting and healthy panels.

So how to maintain your solar panels? Can we do it ourselves or will we need support? Is it difficult or easy? We share all these curious answers with you just below… We will give you all the details in very easy steps.

Why, When, And How To Maintain Your Solar Panels?

First of all, we would like to share with you why you need to clean your solar panels and how often you should do it… The more direct sunlight solar panels can absorb, the more energy they can create. Dirt, dust, snow, and even bird droppings can build up on your panels and block sunlight. As such, there is actually no time criterion. By checking your panels according to weather conditions and conditions, it may be sufficient to clean them several times a year or just once or twice a year.

Now, if you want to do the maintenance and cleaning of your solar panels yourself, we suggest you follow the small steps below. Otherwise, keep in mind that you can get help from a professional and for solar panels under warranty, this process can be free of charge. For this reason, you can first try to contact your solar panel company. If you need to do this in the end, your company will transfer the necessary instructions to you.

Apart from that, the general steps we can recommend are as follows:

Put safety first. The position and structure of the solar panels can put you in a dangerous position, and a wrong step can also damage the panel. Make sure both sides are safe.
Wait for an overcast morning or evening to clean your panels. If the sun is high, water will quickly evaporate and leave marks. 
Clean water, a towel or sponge, and a good scrubbing will remove most dirt buildup. If there is no serious and dry dirt, it is possible to solve this problem with the help of a remote hose.
For stubborn stains, you can use a gentle cleanser.  You may want to use a natural brand that won’t harm grass and also our nature. 🙂 Never use harsh cleaning supplies or try to scrub hard, as they can damage your panels.

These are the steps you should take into consideration the health of both you and your panels. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be with you again with more tips and suggestions.

We wish you a sunny and safe day!