Over the years, interest in renewable energy sources has also increased worldwide. The most popular of these sources is solar energy. The biggest reason for this is the colossal sun’s ability to produce serious energy. Thus, needs such as heating, enlightenment, and transportation can be met in an environmentally friendly, clean, and economical way. However, many people think that solar panels can only work in summer. Hence, it is easy to mistake the panels for not working in the other half of the year. In fact, it is possible to produce energy by using the sun even in winter.

Operation of Solar Panels in Winter

It is believed that heat is required for solar panels to operate. Therefore, it is believed that more electricity can be produced from solar energy in warmer regions. Panels collect and store the energy in the sun. However, what they turn into electricity is not the heat of the sun but its radiation. That is why it isn’t so important that the temperature is too high. The panels also work extremely well in cold weather.

Panels can generate more electrical energy in winter than in summer, although it may be hard to believe for many people. All that is required for this is a sunny day. Nevertheless, when compared, it is seen that less electricity is produced in the power plants in winter. This is because the sunshine duration is shorter during the day.

On a country basis, the regions in the middle parts of the northern hemisphere are more productive than the south. The panel brand used or the preferred system is independent of generating electricity in winter. Even in cloudy weather, electricity continues to be produced. Increasing cloud density can negatively affect production. However, production continues as long as the weather is sunny.

Solar radiation decreases during snowfall. Therefore, electricity production starts to decrease. Unless the solar panels are completely covered with snow, electricity generation continues, even if a little. However, after the snow melts, the air temperature is low and the radiation is extremely high. At this moment, you can get maximum efficiency from your system.