How Durable Are Solar Panels in Hurricanes and Storms?

Although we start to take a deep breath with the transition to solar energy, then we continue to strive for them to be long-lasting and healthy. In addition to annual cleaning and maintenance, what should be done in case of a possible storm, bad weather or any accident? Our solar panels are protected from storms, bad weather, rain etc. resistant to situations? Does it continue to work properly?

Don’t worry! Because we list the answers to all these questions right below…

What We Should Expect, When The Storm Arrives

Thanks to the renewed technology, solar panels are becoming more and more powerful and durable. But we cannot expect solar panels installed in an open and unprotected area like a roof to be perishable, which cost us so much. In this case, we want you to be comfortable. If solar panels are installed correctly and purchased by a good solar energy company, we cannot expect them to be damaged, broken or underperformed in the event of a storm.

So How Do Solar Panels Hold?

As we said above, solar panels are placed parallel to the roof and many details are taken into consideration while performing this installation process. Size, number, direction etc. of solar panels. All these are calculated and placed in the healthiest way and necessary measures are taken to prevent damage in case of a possible bad weather. One of these measures is; It is the fixed gap left between the solar panels and the roof. Due to this carefully calculated angle and the way the solar panels are designed, it shows an aerodynamic performance.

In the event of a possible storm, even if a high pressure wind or rain presses the solar panels, the wind and water will not create enough pressure to hurt the panels and glide over.

How To Cover Damage of Solar Panels?

Let’s say; There was too much pressure that the solar panels could not withstand, or your panels were damaged as a result of an accident. What should be done at this point? Is it possible to repair solar panels?

First of all, check your solar panels after a possible storm. Make the first intervention before any performance problems occur. If you think your solar panels are damaged, keep in mind that most solar companies offer you a 25-year warranty option and that the warranty can also cover weather-related damage.

In such a case, you can contact your solar panel company to request support and solve the problem in a short time without any intervention.

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