What’s the Best Place to Put a Solar Panel?

You are already going solar, you know it. You are convinced that this is the smart choice for your lifestyle. You believe that you can get the best of this renewable energy for a greener future and a more sustainable electricity bill. Now you are wondering where to put your solar panels? In this article, we will see where you should put them to get the most benefit from them. 

To answer that question, we want to show you various factors that you may want to consider before choosing the best place for your solar panels. 

Orientation Is Key

Like a sundial that needs the sun to show you the time with a particular angle, the solar panel will be used at its optimal capacity when the solar cells are well exposed to the sunlight. Meaning that you want your panels to be oriented south where the angle will be the strongest for your solar power production. 

Roof Angle

Another factor is the roof angle. You may be using the smartest renewable energy technology but if it’s not used appropriately you might lose most of the efficiency of this system. You can put solar panels on the ground but for various reasons, the best place to install them is on the rooftop. 

Weather And Shading

With solar panels on the rooftop of your house, you might think that this is done now. They are well-positioned to get the maximum amount of energy. But just because there are no big trees around your house doesn’t mean that your neighbor’s trees might affect your solar power efficiency in the future. You also have to be aware of the climatic environment of your house. Shading and snow or hail can impact your power production.

In short, depending on where you live in the USA, the type of roof you got and the weather of your area, you will need the most efficient angle to capture the most sunlight. And generally, you can ask a professional that will be pleased to help you with this.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will be with you again with more tips and suggestions. Also, feel free to fill out our form.

Wishing you a lovely and sunny day!